Commercial Beverage Coolers That Double As Marketing Tools

Restaurants and bars have a requirement to sell the drinks that they have in stock. Therefore, they need to remind customers of the drinks they have or they have to recommend drinks in order to move the stock. Visual aids always work well when you want to suggest a certain drink to a customer. It is not surprising that beverage coolers are now using the visual aspect as a marketing tool.

Beverage coolers have a main purpose of keeping drinks chilled until they are ready to be served. They have adjustable shelves that allow you to pack as many drinks as possible. It is advisable to stack the same drinks on one shelf. Ensure the label is facing forward. This will create a look of uniformity and duplication that tends to pull the eye towards it. People are more attracted to a uniform layout than one that is random. This creates a wonderful visual for customers and will entice them to choose a drink from the commercial beverage cooler.

Beverages coolers are well lit inside the unit which enhances the colours of the drinks inside it. Good lighting can make any item look more appealing as it appears crisper and clearer to the customer. The bright light further attracts the eye to the unit and encourages the customer to take a look at what is inside.

Some beverage coolers have an advertising space above the glass doors that allows you to place a colourful and enticing advert in that space. Usually that advertising space is backlit to further enhance the colours. So if you have a creative advert of a drink lying in ice, the back light will give the ice a glow that will attract the eye to the unit.

Another great marketing tool that certain beverage coolers have is that of making use of the large side space on the outside of the unit. Due to the fact that these units can be quite bulky, they can be very high and wide. The space on the side is used for advertising, so you can place a large banner sized advert that will give your brand and drinks a larger than life appearance. A large image of a drink will draw the eye to the unit and entice the customer to come closer to see what’s inside.

This innovative catering equipment aids many café’s, bars, supermarkets, and restaurants in terms of their marketing. It is attractive and it encourages customers to want what is inside.

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