Top 3 Home Remedies for Varicose Veins


Brought about by swollen and twisted veins, varicose veins affect around 25 percent of women and about 10 percent of men. Although it is commonly seen as a cosmetic condition, it may actually indicate an underlying and more serious condition. By itself, it also cause burning, aching and throbbing pain. While you can always go to a specialist and have your varicose veins treated the modern way, you can also give these home remedies for varicose veins a shot and you may be surprised at how effective they are as a treatment.

St. John’s Wort Herbal Oil

Oil can be obtained from fresh flowers. There are readily available St. John’s Wort oils but they can be quite expensive. In which case, it will help for you to mix it with other kinds of oil also known as home remedies for varicose veins Bustural atsauksmes.

To obtain oil from the flowers, combine 1 part of St. John’s Wort with 3 parts of olive oil. Place the combination in a clean jar in a warm window. Leave it there for about two weeks.

Strain the oil and set it aside. Place another batch of fresh St. John’s Wort tops in the jar and leave for another two weeks. This should give you lovely red color oil. Apply it sparingly on the concerned area.

Castor Oil Pack

A popular Ayurvedic medicine, castor oil packs prove effective in the treatment of varicose veins. To use it for treatment, soak a piece of flannel cloth in castor oil. Place the soaked cloth over the affected area and top with external heat. Let it sit there for around 20 or 30 minutes.

These home remedies for it can be reused. Simply store it in a sealed container. Keep it in the fridge. When you need to reuse the pack, simply soak it fresh castor oil and follow the same direction.

Horse Chestnut

This great tonic is an excellent herbal medicine that is capable of strengthening and toning the veins and the capillaries. Horse chestnut also contains aescin that can relieve leg cramps and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Mix it with oils, creams or lotions, the alcohol extract of horse chestnut can make a wonderful treatment for swollen veins. The combination of horse chestnut and witch hazel also makes excellent home remedies for varicose veins.

Consider these natural home remedies for varicose veins first. And let unsightly fade.

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