Telling the Time Bingo Cards

The ability to tell the time is one of those things that most adults take for granted. I mean by this that when you glance at a clock or see a time written down, comprehending what time of day it indicates doesn’t seem to involve any obvious mental effort. Nevertheless we are not born with this ability, and whether or not you remember learning it, the chances are that you first learned to tell the time when in school แทงบอลออนไลน์.

Learning to tell the time, like many other things taught in K12 schools, requires a combination of good teaching and of course practice. It is for this reason that today’s teachers are always on the look out for classroom activities which are stimulating for their students and will encourage learning. One such activity that has greatly grown in popularity in recent years (in terms of the K12 curriculum in general, and telling the time lessons in particular), is bingo.

In order to play telling the time bingo, each student is first given their own bingo card. The key difference however from traditional bingo is that the student’s bingo cards are printed with times of the day (e.g. “4:20” or “1:45”) instead of numbers. The teacher then acts as a bingo caller, and reads out different times, and students mark the corresponding squares off their cards. So, for example, when the teacher says “quarter to two”, students will need to locate the square on their bingo card containing “1:45”. It is of course also possible to vary the game play, for example, the teacher could use either or both of 12 and 24 hour clocks, or the teacher could hold up a clock at the front of the class (set to the appropriate time) instead of reading out times. Whichever variant you play, the objective of the game is for students to mark off a line of five items from their card, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally – and the first student to do so, is the winner.

If this sounds like a worthwhile activity, you will of course need to get some printed bingo cards at different times of the day. Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to obtain them is to simply print them yourself using your PC. Get some bingo card creator software and you can easily print out bingo cards in any quantity you might want. What’s more, do the job yourself let you customize the content of the cards, so the cards can be used not only for telling the time lessons, but any other subject that you feel is appropriate too.

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